The Ministry of labor issued Resolution 773 of 2021, with the goal of defined actions to be carried out by employers for the application of the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for the classification and labeling of chemical products. The objective of (GHS) is to identify dangers of substances and mixtures and show or comunĂ­cate information about them. (UN 2015). For the implementation of GHS, is important to identify and consider the needs of the sectors and targets. In fact differents sectors may receive and use this information in some ways depending on their particular needs. We can see four escenarios or sector where GHS is used:

a.Industrial Sector
b.Agricultural Sector
d.Consumers – Customers

National Goverment is promoting implementation of GHS for chemical products use in this sectors according with the commitments that we have in OECD ( Enviromental and sustainable development Ministry 2016).
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