Geomatics and Geographic Information Systems integrates the means for the capture, treatment, analysis, interpretation, dissemination and storage of spatialized information, which allows obtaining an integrated system of information that can be used to describe and categorize the elements of the environment.

Gesamb Ltda provides services based on Geographic Information Systems and remote sensors for the evaluation, analysis and control of the environment in an integrated way with regional and urban development through the following processes:

• Spatial and cartographic analysis as an integral part of environmental studies and for decision making.
• Feasibility analysis for the construction of projects.
• Modeling of natural resources.
• Temporary studies of vegetation, change of coverage and land use.
• Integrated watershed analysis.
• Evaluation and development of land use plans (POT, for its initials in Spanish, Plan de Ordenamiento Territorial).
• Geostatistical evaluation of environmental variables.
• Advice and purchase of remote sensors
• Generation of geographic storage models for environmental studies and environmental compliance reports according to resolution 2182 of 2016
• Analysis and spatial modeling of environmental and risk management variables.