We have 22 years of experience in environmental advising and consulting. In the public sector we have executed environmental planning projects, especially regarding formulation of action plans and regional environmental management; in the private sector, Environmental Impact Studies (EIA) and Environmental Management Plans (WFP) of large-scale projects, mainly in the mining and port sector, have been successfully formulated and implemented.

In the field of Geomatics we have applied Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensors technologies for the generation of environmental zoning processes, integrated watershed analysis, temporary vegetation studies, change of land cover and use, feasibility analysis for project construction, evaluation of Territorial Planning Plans and Plans for the Management and Management of Watersheds, Environmental Management Plans and construction of spatial databases (Geodatabase) complying with current regulation.

We accredit experience in environmental supervision of civil works, Environmental Audit, Continuous Business Advice in environmental procedures and authorizations; in Integral Waste Management; Efficient use and water saving; Contingency Plans and Environmental Risk Studies. Regarding the environmental baseline and monitoring of biological resources, we have characterized hydro biological communities in continental lotic and lentic systems, as well as in marine and estuary environments. In the biotic terrestrial component we develop forest, floristic and wildlife inventories.